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Elkhart Lake woman's jewelry lands starring role

Présentation obligatoire avant de poster sur le forum ;)

Elkhart Lake woman's jewelry lands starring role

Messagede upamfva » 21 Déc 2021, 03:08

Elkhart Lake woman's jewelry lands starring role

A Sheboygan County woman has a story to tell about her role in NBC's “This Is Us.”To get more news about best jewelry design and custom websites, you can visit official website.

Her face does not make an appearance on the hit NBC show. Rather it is the jewelry she creates. Seven pieces to be exact.Madison’s earrings, which play a huge role in her dramatic story arc, were made by Kim Jakum in her Elkhart Lake studio.
“I got to say that Madison is one of my favorites now,” said Jakum.

Seven of her earrings have made it on the prime time show. The pictures below show several worn by "Rebecca" played by Mandy Moore, "Teenage Kate," and "Madison" played by Caitlin Thompson.“I think they have a huge meaning to Madison, because her mom gave them to her and I don’t think she ever saw her mom again," said Jakum.

Like the characters in the show, Jakum had her own struggles to overcome in this pandemic.“People aren’t really buying jewelry, I'll tell you that,” Jakum said. “I didn’t feel like making anything either, you know, it just kind of zapped all the creativity out of me.”So when she got the call to make this special piece, she was floored.

“They have to be gold in color, they have to have blue stones, and they have to be vintage in style and they were hoping they would be art deco," said Jakum.I was told they literally get thousands of jewelry sent into them every year, so to have seven pairs of earrings in a couple seasons - that's a really good thing!” said Jakum.

Jakum said they asked for three identical pairs, “in case something goes wrong, they’ll lose something, and these earrings are going to possibly be used again," Jakum said.
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